So many grey areas!

So Amy spent a lot of our relationship making me question myself and if I didn’t do exactly as she said she would say about how I “never listen” to her even when a minor detail wasn’t as she had said.

At one point Amy started persuading me to let her get a loan for me for £6000 to pay off some things with less interest quicker etc, in the process, however this would increase my monthly outgoings considerably. I raised my concerns and actually said no because if I couldn’t pay I didn’t want her to be in a bad position. She did it regardless.

Next I needed a new car. I was going to get a reasonably priced second hand car, she told me to go to some car auction. I have ADHD and am impulsive as hell, I brought a Toyota Prius without even looking at it. She blamed me because I hadn’t followed her instructions etc whilst there, but if it was up to me I would’ve already had a good car! It went wrong and she lent me the money to fix it.

She now is demanding the money back, and I never usually borrow money, but not being in control of my own finances and choices just messed everything up. I don’t always make the best choices but the whole time she was making me do things her way, she was just pushing me into worse situations. Now I have to pay for the loan, the money I owe her, and my child maintenance every month. About £600, I know I shouldn’t have listened to her, but whenever I don’t she goes so crazy about it and I don’t want to make bad situations with lil Warrior.

I was doing Amazon delivery after work to make up the extra money to pay her but someone hit my wing mirror meaning I’m not allowed to do that right now! I’ve sent her everything I have, but I’m £130 short and she’s not answering to let me talk to my Warrior and just sent a message saying “this is not ok.”

I try so hard to please everyone so much and I am just so sick of how she knows how to create these situations so easily. I told her so many times I didn’t want to get the loan in case this happened and she just said don’t worry etc, and now there’s issues with it she’s acting like I’m the worst person.

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