Aggressive not angry…

I have no anger issues. However social situations are so complicated and frustrating that I need something I am good at to use to escape. I tell no one anything so I get called mysterious and everyone wants to know more.

I cannot handle people knowing more! I end up doing something crazy or violent to get things back into my comfort zone! Sometimes I will just punch a friend, or if a stranger is kicking off I will go to them. Luckily I have friends that will just punch me back so there’s no long lasting drama!

I always feel like a d**k after, but I feel like I have to be in control, not of anyone else, just myself. I hate that people want to get to know me deeper. I know its what people do etc but my only defence mechanism is not to. They ask why I’m angry and aggressive and I have to explain that I’m not angry…just aggressive sometimes.

Does anyone else do this?

I’m going to start MMA again. Think its needed.

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