Is It The Same If A Woman Does It?

I feel like if I were to treat a woman this way I would be stopped from seeing my son and most likely arrested? Am I missing something?

I’m currently writing this full of adrenaline about the next message I’m about to get. The last one was

“Can I ask you a question?”

On Saturday night, Amy was going out so I said I would put the warrior to bed and wait until she got home. She has been pressuring me to stay over a lot recently so when she got home I explained 3 reasons I was not comfortable to stay.

1. “You have an issue with me locking the door when I use the bathroom.”

2. “You have an issue if I don’t get changed in front of you.”

3. “If I say I don’t want to do sexual things with you, you either push me to do them or get mad at me if I don’t.”

I explained that I’m not trying to limit what she does, hence why we were having that conversation at 1am before I drove home when it would honestly be so much simpler to just stay.

She said she understood but the next day called me angry saying everything was one sided and about how the reasons I gave make her feel. She brought up my previous relationship and said “You say you don’t like those things but you made me this way.”

She’s nice to me one moment and then acts like I’m the devil the next. I feel sick right now and have no idea how to break away from it!

Just needed to get it off my chest.

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