Aggressive not angry…

I have no anger issues. However social situations are so complicated and frustrating that I need something I am good at to use to escape. I tell no one anything so I get called mysterious and everyone wants to know more. I cannot handle people knowing more! I end up doing something crazy or violentContinue reading “Aggressive not angry…”

So many grey areas!

So Amy spent a lot of our relationship making me question myself and if I didn’t do exactly as she said she would say about how I “never listen” to her even when a minor detail wasn’t as she had said. At one point Amy started persuading me to let her get a loan forContinue reading “So many grey areas!”

Is It The Same If A Woman Does It?

I feel like if I were to treat a woman this way I would be stopped from seeing my son and most likely arrested? Am I missing something? I’m currently writing this full of adrenaline about the next message I’m about to get. The last one was “Can I ask you a question?” On SaturdayContinue reading “Is It The Same If A Woman Does It?”

Let Me Set a Few Things Straight

Before we start, I am under the assumption this will not be read by many. The title of my blog would probably put me off reading a blog, so not expecting anything different! ‘Baby Mama Drama,’ or ‘Baby Mama’ are both terms I Never use in real life, and I speak with the utmost respectContinue reading “Let Me Set a Few Things Straight”

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